Nitro Office PDF Suite - Quick Start Guide

Thanks for choosing our PDF app! This tutorial convers the following topics: how to open a PDF file, how to view & print PDF files, how to draw & annotate PDF files

Product License – Read Me First

We make it easy for you to try all features in the product, which begins with a 3-day Free Trial. All features are fully usable, without watermarks or limitations, during this period.

After the 3-day Free Trial is over, the product turns into a Free Version, in which all features are still usable but with some limitations (watermarks for some features and and Ads). You have two choices:

  • Purchase a license to remove watermarks and Ads, or
  • Continue using the Free Version

We invite you to take your time to try all the features before making a decision of purchasing a license.

Open a PDF File

There are two ways of opening a PDF file: 

  1. With the application open, locate the PDF file from Windows Explorer and drag it to the rectangle of the + | Open button under the Home label.
  2. From the Home page, click the + | Open button, locate the PDF file from the Open file dialog box, and click OK

The content of your PDF file is displayed in the Viewer window, which is packed with a lot of features that will be introduced to you in the following sections. 

To exit the viewer click the left arrow (<–) icon on the left end of the title bar.

View & Print PDF

The Viewer window displays the content of your PDF files. You can open multiple PDF files in the Viewer Window. To open another PDF files, simply click the + sign in the tab area at the top.

Use your mouse wheel or the Page Down/Up keys to scroll down/up pages. Use the floating page view control (top right area) to jump to a specific page by typing the page number. 

The Viewer window also provides three useful navigation functions – accessible from the side toolbar:

  • Bookmark
  • Table of Contents
  • Thumbnail View

To print the PDF file, click the Print icon on the Viewer toolbar and follow the instructions provided.


Drawing & Annotate PDF

Review PDF files using a rich set of annotating tools in the Viewer window:

  • Highlight important text in PDF files.
  • Underline notable text in PDF files. 
  • Underline notable text in PDF files. 
  • Draw freehand on the pages of the PDF files.
  • Include lines, rectangles, ellipses and circles in PDF files.

You can move, resize, remove, or edit the color of any drawing or annotation tool.