Draw with the Built-in Drawing Tools

Built in Drawing Tools

Are you a part of an organization with digital workflows and procedures? You know then how important it is to be able perform such tasks with seamless efficiency. The first thing you need is the right tool to function effectively and save the day. About Nitro Office Nitro Office is one of the most useful […]

Create an automated table of contents and Indexes

Creating an automated table of contents and Indexes

Nitro Office is a software designed for Windows users. It is compatible with Microsoft, Google Sheets, Google Documents, and the entire collection of Open Office Formats for Windows. Use the Writer If you are looking forward to creating an automated table of contents and Indexes Nitro Office Writer comes to your assistance. Writer is the […]

Working with Comments in Nitro Office

Working with Comments

When you work on a document by collaborating with someone else, it is important to keep in mind of things that you need to do in order to make it easy for others to understand. Comments do help! What are the comments? Comments are some groups of words or statements that you add in context […]

Templates and Style in Nitro Office

Templates and Style in Nitro Office

Nitro office is an alternative software that can be compatible with Microsoft Office. Have you thought about any other software that can help us to perform our tasks easily and conveniently without much hindrance? Nitro Office is a software that is meant for Windows users. It is compatible with Microsoft, Google Sheets, Google Documents, and the […]

Page layout methods, including frames, columns and tables in Writer

Page layout methods

Nitro Office is an office-based suite, which contains numerous useful tools like a writer, calc, impress and many more. All these tools can help you in making word documents, slides, PDF, and sheets. It turns out to be very helpful to its users. One of the most important tools is the Writer. It is used […]

Start using Mail Merge on Nitro Office

Mail merge

Mail merge is process of creating a batch of documents that are personalized for each recipient. You can link a data source that comprises of necessary details such as name, address, and email and so on to a certain type of template. Mail Merge With the help of Nitro Office Writer’s mail merge, you can […]

How to track changes during revisions?

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Nitro Office is a collection of free software by Office. These are exclusively available For the Windows users. This is easy to use and compatible software with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, Google Slides, etc., including all other free software available for Windows by Office. Nitro Office is a user-friendly software, which contains a […]

Formatting Text and Styles

Formatting Text and Styles

Good formatting makes a document readable. You can explain your points very easily using the formatting options. One of the most important parts of a document is page format. A good appearance of your page attracts a lot of people. There are numerous options available to us for changing the appearance of the text. Therefore, […]

How to work with Text?

How to work with Text: This guide introduces you to the basics of working with text in the writer and the instructions you should know. Working with text including selecting, copying, pasting, or moving text in Nitro Office Writer is the same as in every other application. You can either swipe the cursor over the […]

Working with graphics

Working with graphics

Working with graphics Graphics make your document more attractive. You can easily add graphics to your document. You can also scan pictures and download them. Nitro Office Writer supports almost all formats of images. It can also imports data from the Microsoft documents. If you want to know about graphics, then you are in the […]